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VF Image Resizer+

Bulk resize and edit all site images, Optimize image compression and SEO

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VF SocialPoster

Publish product images and collages on multiple social media

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Our Customers say

Really good app, actually helped me resize all my very tall, and also the very wide images to a square shape which helped my store to have a uniform look.


This app is very intuitive & easy to use. This is an excellent app and would highly recommend. I've used this app for several months and not had any problems.

CARDIACS Sports & Memorabilia

This app (and support) are phenomenal! Worth every penny to have our picture size trimmed down nightly. We also like the watermark feature and crop. Definitely recommend to all!

Rare Air Discs

I am delighted with this app. I got it to help me speed up my site by optomising the images. It has given me the feeling I can help myself without having to employ expensive techniques that would make it unviable for my small business. I don't know as yet what else would help more. Thank you

Parade Handmade

I used this app to watermark all product images AFTER some other website stole all my images....WHY DIDN'T I FIND THIS APP EARLIER.....IT WAS SOOOO EASY! Resizing all the images over doubled my page speed score too! Highly recommend !

Big Iron Flow Control Products

Just WOW! Saved more than 90% of image size with just a few clicks at 75% quality, and the images wierdly enough almost feel more crisp! And the file name and alt name optimizer, simply amazing! Highly recommend this one stop shop app!


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